Sculptural Installations on the Theme of Obliteration:

A Response to Themes Embodied in the MoverWitness Exchange (Authentic Movement)

Eila Goldhahn Ph.D.

This illustrated paper describes how, through visualization, the pertinent and frequently embodied theme of obliteration of a therapeutic movement and witnessing practice was made available in artistic, public form. It describes why and how this particular project served to make a usually hermetic, privately experienced quality accessible for wider consideration and to more people through art. It states that engaging in practice-led research affirms and gives additional value to arts methodologies. The processes of planning and making the sculptural installations are described from the perspective of one whose long-term practice has involved movement, dance and witnessing. The term obliteration was purposefully chosen to lend a detached and collective aspect to the topics of death and loss, which often lack open public discussion. It aims to create a less emotive, safer feel so that the topic may be approached with respect but with less fear.