Robert Kelly Ph.D.

Associate Editor, "Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change", Robert Kelly, Ph.D. is an artist/educator who is an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts and an adjunct associate professor in the Faculty of Education at The University of Calgary. He is also an Advisory Board member for the International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice IJCAIP.

His recent book "Creative Expression, Creative Education" (co-edited with Carl Leggo, University of British Columbia) presents the case for creativity as a primary rationale for education. He is currently researching and developing two new volumes on creativity and educational practice, Volume 2 "The Creative Disposition" focuses on developing personal and professional creativity among educators. Volume 3 entitled "Educating for Creativity" explores the methodology of teaching in an educational culture of creativity.

Robert's research is focused on the concept of creativity and its applications for educational practice. He is currently researching and developing a triadic model for transforming school culture through the strands of professional development, methodology and organizational structure. He has originated a matrix for the development and assessment of creative maturity that is central to transformational strategies.

As an artist, Robert currently has two major touring bodies of work, Minutia and The Concept of Raven, and his newest work in progress is a large outdoor installation entitled White Noise which explores the hypocrisy of the hyper-consumption of Western culture.